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Whitening Teeth in Sheffield

A lot of factors contribute to teeth discoloration depending on a person’s lifestyle. For instance, a smoker’s teeth color is entirely different from the teeth of someone who does not smoke. Nicotine can stain the teeth making it dull and yellowish. This can lessen your confidence especially when talking to another person since you can be mistaken as someone who is unhygienic. Since brushing alone cannot remove all impurities from the teeth, you will have to make use of cosmetic teeth treatment. It can make your teeth color achieve a lighter shade which can lead to a gleaming smile.

Laser treatment for teeth whitening is done to make the teeth gain a white, clean color. It is safe, non-abrasive and is guaranteed with no side effects. Due to its safe nature and the effectiveness of the results, a lot of people seek to whiten teeth in Sheffield by undergoing a laser treatment. As a matter of fact, a lot of establishment are offering the treatment to remove tough stains that brushing alone cannot take out. The procedure does not take long so you won’t have to wait for months or years as results can be immediately seen.

Power whitening procedure starts by polishing of the teeth to remove excess stain. These stains usually come from nicotine, caffeine and even from eating too much meat although it may vary from person to person. Before the entire procedure is started, the teeth are photographed for comparison purposes at the end of the entire treatment. This will allow you to gauge if the discoloured teeth have come to lighten. After taking a photo of your teeth, the gum will then be applied with a hardening gel. This is done to ensure that ingredients used in the whole treatment process will not touch the gum area. Then, the person undergoing treatment will wear a special brace where only the teeth are left to be exposed.

To activate the ingredients, the exposed teeth are faced to a laser machine for 20 minutes or less. This is done repeatedly for about two to three times to guarantee excellent results. To gauge if you have successfully attain the desired results of having whiter teeth, you can take the picture of your teeth prior to treatment and after it is done. You must have at least 8 to 10 times lighter shade of your teeth to determine successful results.

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