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Beyond Whitespa teeth whitening offers a great solution for keeping your smile shining and your teeth white. The cosmetic procedure of teeth whitening using the Beyond Whitespa treatment is easy and safe.

Many doctors report this whitening procedure is very effective and easy to carry out. The beyond whitening kit includes all one needs for teeth whitening. It has the eye protector, lip protecting gel, cheek holder, face protector, Beyond whitening shade detector, whitening paste and light machine.

The client, who wants to whiten his or her teeth does not experience any discomfort during the procedure. Lips and gums are completely protected by special gel. No burning or itching sensation should occur. The teeth whitening process is done in three sections 20 min each.

The tooth color shade panel helps to detect easily the present teeth shade and to indicate, which shade the client wants to achieve. Besides, Beyond Whitespa teeth whitening kit includes special Beyond tooth paste to go on whitening teeth and maintaining their color at home, which greatly benefits the client.

Clients report that the best about Beyond Whitespa teeth whitening procedure is that it is completely painless and very fast working. You do not need weeks to keep on applying whitening pastes. The teeth become white after one hour of treatment. This makes Beyond Whitespa time effective for doctors and convenient for their clients

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